Pink Puff Mirror!

💖PUFF MIRROR!💖a pink puff DIY 🎨

One of my first crafts in my new studio was this weird and fun puffy mirror! I saw an example of it on Pinterest, and I was like “I gotta try that so I can look at myself through a pink pillow!

I started with this old wooden frame mirror that my old studio manager had offloaded on me.
The PUFF is made with expanding insulation foam called Great Stuff.
I just put the mirror on a tarp on the floor, and strayed Great Stuff in a zigzag motion around the entire frame, and watched it expand! I had to do a few layers to achieve good dimension, but eventually it was filled in. I got really excited and started making some mini versions too! I was happy with it. UNTIL!!

Please, do not attempt this craft indoors, in a small space. I thought I had covid because I started to have flu-like symptoms. Oops!!! ⚠️

Anyways, I took a day off to let my studio off-gas from the toxins and then painted the foam while wearing a mask. I used craft acrylic paint, and then topped that with a layer of acrylic glitter paint. I would also recommend adding another layer of a sealant to make sure the pint doesn’t get pulled off. A few flakes have come off for me, so I’ll be touching it up before I hang this adorable and weird PUFF MIRROR on my wall.
It kinda looks like a brain and it kinda looks like a pillow, and I love it!! 💖

Mirror Pink @michaelsstores store brand
Glitter @plaidcrafts Glitterific Pink
Curtains @target kids section 💜
Wall is Pleasing Pink @gliddenpaints

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