Renovation of Pretty Choices Ave Starts!

Pretty Choices Ave is already resembling a pastel painted Barbie Dream House, but the space didn't start that way. Check out these DIY renovation photos from when I signed the lease, and got to work priming and repairing this retro corner store shop that sits below a classic Rogers Park, Chicago Apartment building, built in the 1967!

I’ve been in my space for over a year, and I’ve been indulging in DIY’s and renovations as often as my schedule allows. It’s turning into the cutest dreamland, but when I moved in… it was drab!

The previous shop had camel colored walls with mustard-like yellow accents. It was painted horribly! Ever heard of painters tape y’all?? Nope.
Luckily, I’ve been painting walls since I was around 10, so I rallied the support of Kris, Sarah, and Kathleen and we painted the whole place white. The white primer was the fresh start this place needed, and now I have truly been making my workshop my canvas! 🎨


As you can see here, the stairs were in rough condition because they were covered with old carpet. I immediately ripped them up- so fast in fact that I forgot to take a "before" photo of them.

💅🏼 I’ve already done some colorful painting in my space, but more cute murals and candy colored accent walls are on the way!

These pics are from the week that I moved my studio stuff in. Some WIP shots 🛠
It’s fun to look back on the drab because now it is so fab!! 💅🏼🎀💜🎨💖✨

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